TAC Policies

Academic Integrity

The Testing Accommodations Center (TAC) follows the guidelines of the Student Code found in the student handbook on academic integrity.  The TAC also implements policies and procedures of its own, which can be found on this webpage. Both the TAC and the University have a zero tolerance policy regarding violations of academic integrity standards.  If a student is found in violation of academic integrity on an exam, the exam will be immediately terminated, the instructor will be notified, and the University protocol will take effect.  Having books, any form of notes, cell phones, smart watches (watches that receive texts or have internet access), or any other unauthorized materials during the exam will result in immediate exam termination.  Any further actions regarding discipline, or lack thereof, will be determined by the instructor of the course.

For more information please go to the University’s Academic Integrity Infractions.

Check-In Procedures and Time Policies

  1. Students should arrive about 10-15 minutes before the non-final exam is scheduled to start to check-in with TAC Staff. 
  2. Students will be required to present their I-Card to verify their ID when they come in to take exams.
  3. The TAC Staff will ask a series of required questions to administer the exam properly as part of the check-in process.

Early Policy (Non-Final Testing Period)

A student may start their exam up to 30 minutes before their scheduled start time, but no exam will start earlier than 7:55am due to hours of operation.

Example: A scheduled 8:00am exam can only start as early as 7:55am due to hours of operation.

Starting exams earlier ensures students receive their full extended time.  The student will not receive extra time for starting early. If the student arrives more than 30 minutes early, the student will be asked to wait in the lobby and return to check-in with the TAC when they may start the exam. The check-in policy for Finals Time is different than the rest of the semester. 

  • Example: Student arrives at 7:50am for their scheduled 8:00am exam.  They will not be able to check in until 7:55am at the earliest. A student arrives ­at 8:00am for their scheduled 8:30am exam, they will be able to start as early as 8:00am.

Late Policy 

If a student arrives late to their scheduled exam, the student will lose the time they missed, and the student will need to complete their exam by the end of their scheduled time.  

  • Example: Student arrives at 12:18pm for their exam originally scheduled at 12:00pm; the duration with their extended time is two hours.  The student will lose those 18 minutes and must complete their exam within the originally scheduled time and be done by 2:00pm.

If a student arrives late to their scheduled exam time, they can still check-in and start their exam up to 30 minutes past their originally scheduled start time.  However, if the student arrives more than 30 minutes past their scheduled start time, the student will not be able to take the exam at that time.  The exam will be canceled, and the student will need to discuss their exam options with their instructor.  The student’s options include:

  • Rescheduling the exam for a later date in the TAC (except during finals and in accordance with the TAC scheduling policy)
  • Taking the exam with the instructor with or without accommodations
  • Refer back to the course syllabus and follow the policies outlined within the course syllabus.

Finals Time Policy

A student may start their exam up to 30 minutes before their scheduled start time, this includes exams starting at 8:00am.  Student’s exam start time will begin at their scheduled time, even if the student is not in their assigned seat.

  • Example: Student arrives in DRES/TAC at 7:45am but chooses to sit and study in the lobby until 8:00am, then proceeds to get in line and check in for their exam.  The process to seat the student then cuts into the student’s overall exam time and the student will not be compensated extra time for the check in process. Their exam starts at 8:00am even though they are not in their seats but in the building.

Due to the high volume of students checking in for their exam, the check in process may take longer than expected.  The exam start time will begin at the scheduled start time even if the student is in the process of checking in or getting setup. 

Students should arrive about 30-40 minutes before the final exam is scheduled to start to check in with TAC Staff for their exam.  Students will not receive extra time for starting early but will receive their full extended time.  The Late Policy will apply to final exams.

Taking an Exam
  1. Students should arrive 10-15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start (the time the student enters in the TAC portal is the start time of the exam). The exam start time will start even if the students is not in their seat.
  2. For final exams, students should arrive at least 15-20 minutes early and up to 30-40 minutes early to reduce stress.  This is to allow students to be seated to start their exams on time. 
  3. Students will be required to present their I-Card to verify their ID when they come in to take exams.
  4. Students must conform to general University policies relative to examinations.
  5. Suspected or confirmed cheating will be reported immediately to the instructor.
  6. Being caught with an electronic device that was not approved as an accommodation is considered cheating.
  7. Proctoring will be handled by DRES Staff directly or indirectly via a camera surveillance system.
  8. All scantrons must be completed within the allotted exam time, unless scantron assistance is an accommodation.
  9. Noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs are available and will be provided upon request to TAC staff. 
  10. Scratch paper is also available upon request, unless specific instructions are given by the instructor not to provide scratch paper.  All scratch paper will be turned in with the exam.
  11. The TAC will provide readers and scribes for those students who qualify for those accommodations.
  12. Parking is available in the E26 lot on the north side of the building when students are taking their exams. Students must pick up a Parking Pass from the Main Office (room 103) every time they take an exam.  Please do this prior to arriving in the TAC as exam time will not stop or be delayed due to parking issues.  If a vehicle is parked in the E26 parking lot without the Parking Pass, a ticket may be issued or the vehicle may be towed. 
  13. Any problems with testing in the TAC MUST be reported immediately to TAC Staff or an access specialist at the time the problem occurs.
  14. If you do NOT inform the TAC Staff or access specialist of a problem during the exam, then you forfeit all rights to redress at a later time.
  15. Restroom Breaks: Students may use the restroom during their exams. However, their time does not stop for restroom breaks unless it is an approved accommodation. If you must use the restroom, leave your exam on your desk and notifyTAC Staff immediately. If you have left your desk without telling TAC Staff, there may be concerns about exam integrity.
    **If restroom breaks are in the student’s LOA, the student must indicate this when they schedule their exam and to TAC Staff when arriving for the exam. This is so we can try to place the student appropriately.
  16. Food: There is NO food allowed in the testing area (booth or room).
    • If students have food breaks in their LOA, the student must note that when scheduling their exams. This is so we can try to place the student appropriately.  The food will still need to be kept in a locker.  The student will need to get a TAC Staff member to access their food to eat in the lobby.
    • We understand that when taking final exams, students can be in the TAC for four and half to six hours. We suggest students eat before the exam and bring snacks for a quick break in the lobby to not impact exam time.  
  17. Drinks: Only drinks with lids that seal completely may come into the testing area. Drinks without lids, drinks with straws or openings are not allowed.  
  18. Timers: You may bring your own timer or watch.  Timers are tools to help students keep track of their time. The TAC Staff documents the time students begin and tracks the student’s official time. The TAC Staff will collect the student’s exams when the student’s time is up according to the official time; not according to the student’s timer.
    • Cell phones or electronic devices connected to other items will not be permitted to be used for a timer.
    • Clocks are located in each room of the testing area (not in individual cubicles)
    • Watches are allowed, however, Smart Watches are not allowed and will be asked to be removed before entering the testing areas.
  19. Items NOT allowed in the testing area (unless specified by instructor/department or an approved accommodation)
    • Cell phones
    • Laptops
    • Books
    • Notes
    • Calculators
    • Smartwatches
  20. Please watch this Short Video to know what to expect when you arrive to take an exam in the TAC.
Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF)

The Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF) is able to provide accommodations.  Students taking exams in the CBTF wanting to utilize their accommodations must upload their Letters of Accommodations (LOA) to the CBTF Website and follow their guidance.  Please allow 5 business days for this to be processed.  The CBTF will send a confirmation email once the LOA is processed.
CBTF can be contacted cbtf@illinois.edu or go to the CBTF Website.