Video Captioning

Accessible Media Services (AMS) provides captioning and transcript services to students and campus. In accordance with federal law, ALL INSTRUCTORS  (as agents of the University) are required to make all classroom materials available to students with disabilities at the same time that it is made available to all other students.

Rates for AMS services for non-student related work can be located on the DRES Billing (Non-Student) page.

The following pages contain captioning information for:

AMS processes materials for DRES-students first, and then we will work on non-DRES-student material. We will process this material on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Fredricksen at

Synchronous REMOTE Class policy

Synchronous REMOTE Class policy

Due to high demand of closed captioning services, DRES will be focusing its efforts on closed captioning asynchronous courses during remote instructions and any video shown in live sessions. For synchronous courses that are being recorded and posted for review/supplemental material, preference is being given to live captioning. Live captioning will also result in a transcript that can be synced to the recording by the professor after the live session is posted to MediaSpace.

If a student decides that they don’t require live captioning, but is unable to attend a class, they can request closed captioning for any session by filling out this form.

  • Live-Synchronous Remote sessions that are recorded, need live captioning.
    • If refused accommodation, then closed captioning happens for each request of live session only.
  • Asynchronous Remote sessions will get closed captioning.
Digitizing Media

If you have media that was created at the University that is on VHS tapes, we can convert these tapes to a digital format (either electronic or DVD). Please use the Department Digitizing Form. You will then need to setup a time to drop off your material. Please contact us at with some times that you would be available to come to our office. For digitization, we ask that you provide the discs on which we will burn the media. Note that we do have a DVD printer and if you would like the DVD information printed to the disc, you should provide printable DVDs

Accessible Media Services is located at the Rehabilitation Education Center at 1207 South Oak Street in Champaign. Our room numbers are 85.

Please note that we cannot digitize copyrighted material that can be purchased on DVD. If you need assistance in purchasing material, please talk to your department office or staff members in the library.

Additional Resources

If you are affiliated with the University of Illinois (any campus), check out Technology Services Media Space captioning resources.

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