Academic Coaching and Therapy Services

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a weekly one-on-one meeting with an academic coach. During sessions, students can get assistance with:

  1. Time management and Organization Skills: Advice on time management, and organizations skills prioritizing tasks, setting realistic goals, and learning how to balance academic responsibilities with personal life.
  2. Goal Setting: Assist students in setting academic goals and providing weekly check-ins to track progress and helping them stay focused throughout the semester
  3. Academic Skills Development: Learn strategies to assist with note-taking, mnemonic devices, mind mapping, and summarization methods to assist with classroom learning.
  4. Academic resources support: Provide support for students transitioning to university and navigating additional campus resources (tutoring, counseling services, writer’s workshop, etc.)

Most academic coaching sessions take place virtually. If you are interested, please reach out to your Access Specialist for information about how to sign up. Please understand that at certain times in the year, we have a waiting list for coaching and you may not be matched right away.

If you have questions about the academic coaching program, please email Brian Siemann.

Drop-in Coaching

DRES offers virtual drop-in coaching. Depending on availability, you can join a meeting with a coach by putting in their Meeting ID via Zoom (see link below). If you join a meeting with a coach and they are working with another student, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room. You are welcome to wait or can try another time. 

Please use this link to see the most current hours of availability for virtual drop-in coaching.

Therapy Services

DRES offers individual therapy to registered students. Therapy is provided by licensed mental health clinicians and mental health trainees supervised by licensed mental health clinicians. Students interested in joining the therapy wait list can contact their Access Specialist for information on how to sign up.

DRES students also have the opportunity to participate in various support groups and group therapy offerings at DRES. Information about groups will be included in the DRES newsletter and on DRES bulletin boards.