Note Taking Services

DRES will assist students in securing note taking services. Students for whom note taking services have been approved should download a “Notetaker Information Packet” from MAC for each class in which such services are required.  Each packet includes a letter to the professor identifying the student as having a disability which warrants the provision of note taking support services. The professor recruits peer notetakers from the class. Students for whom note taking service has been determined to be a reasonable accommodation may have the volunteer email notes to them or receive carbonless copy paper.


Students can also use note-taking software from a company called Sonocent. Sonocent software can be installed on a PC, Mac, or smartphone. You can use it to bring your lecture recordings, slides, images, and text notes together in one colorful, interactive workspace. The unique thing about Sonocent is that it visualizes each phrase of recorded speech as a colored chunk. In class, you can highlight these chunks whenever you hear something important. Then, when you come back to your recording, you can quickly revisit those moments without fast-forwarding or rewinding.