DRES Internship Job Descriptions

DRES Internship Opportunities

Beckwith Residential Support Services (BRSS)

Beckwith Residential Support Services (BRSS) is dedicated to facilitating the transitional residential needs of students with severe physical disabilities. Located in Dr. Timothy Nugent Hall, BRSS can host up to 26 residents.   Student residents receive assistance with their activities of daily living to accommodate their participation in the academic and extracurricular programs and activities of the University of Illinois.  Students are also given an opportunity to participate in educational programming, which is provided to promote their attainment of maximal functional independence and increase personal responsibility for disability management.  Interns may have the opportunity to assist in administrative duties such as bi-weekly payroll and learn about the policies and procedures of BRSS.  Interns can be assigned projects to complete that are of benefit to the BRSS program (e.g. compose videos for training purposes; contribute to marketing and messaging), assist in social programming and community building, and potentially train to become a fully vetted PA.  Acceptance is typically contingent upon the completion and passage of a criminal background check.

Testing Accommodations Center (TAC)

Proctoring of in-person exams with accommodations is available through the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) in their Testing Accommodations Center (TAC) with the cooperation of the instructor. Based upon the extent of the student’s disability, testing accommodations may include but are not limited to the use of appropriately extended time, a distraction-reduced environment, computers, assistive technology, and/or adaptive equipment, and in very limited situations where technology is unable to be used, a reader or a scribe.  Interns may have the opportunity to assist in the administration of exam proctoring for the TAC.

Accessible Media Services (AMS)

The mission of Accessible Media Services (AMS) is to support students with disabilities, the university, and its community in fostering equal access to print and digital materials for use in all learning environments. AMS provides leadership, education, and resources on best practices for creating fully accessible materials to members of the campus community and beyond.  Interns may have the opportunity to assist in the alternative media production and video captioning duties of AMS.

Mental Health Services

DRES is a training site for all levels of graduate students in the mental health field. In addition, there are opportunities for predoctoral internships in psychology as well as clinical postdoctoral fellowships. Click here for more information on training opportunities.

Career Services

DRES Career Services is here to help all students with disabilities to prepare them for the workforce.  We assist students with career development and the planning process, including obtaining information on companies, current opportunities for employment and hiring practices, and making the transition from school to career. Plans and implements job fairs and on-campus recruiting events. Interns will have the opportunity to work with students and assist them with resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, LinkedIn profiles, and much more.

Social Media/Outreach

The DRES Social Media Intern works alongside the Career Services staff to increase brand awareness through the usage of social media platforms. Interns will be given specific tasks related to the creation of social media postings decided upon during department meetings. Additionally, Social Media Interns give creative insight into topics to be included in a brand’s editorial calendar and seek creative ways to spread the company’s message or product. They use the information shared by management regarding the best course of action to promote the brand and in turn create conversation-starting posts and images for social platforms.

DRES Academic Coach

Academic coaching is a personalized, one-on-one meeting with students to help them improve their skills and performance. Academic coaches work one-on-one to help students improve their academic strategies, develop effective study habits, and find school/life balance.

Live Captioning

The DRES Live Captioning Intern will assist by processing the incoming Live Captioning requests, posting the request to our vendor site, and sending out finalization information to requestors. Additionally, the intern will check the dres-interpreting@illinois.edu email and answer questions/address concerns. The DRES Live Captioning Intern will also assist with other activities as needed.