Staff Directory

Ann Fredricksen (she/her/hers)

Coordinator of Accessible Media Services

Christy L. Blew (she/her/hers)

Disability Specialist

Velviet Adams

Office Support Specialist

Alex Cordain (he/him/his)

Office Support Specialist

Misty Martin (she/her/hers)

Office Support Specialist

Aaron Stickney

Office Support Specialist

Susann Sears (she/her/hers)

Director of BRSS

Paige Lindahl-Lewis

Disability Specialist and Associate Director

Jason Murphy (he/him/his)

Beckwith Coordinator of Staffing and Education

Kathryn (Katy) Hoyer (she/her/hers)

Disability Advisor

Business Office

Jeffrey McCoy

Accounting Associate

Maureen Gilbert

Coordinator, Office of Campus Life

Adam Bleakney

Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair Track and Road Racing

Stephanie Wheeler (she/her/hers)

Head Coach, Women’s Wheelchair Basketball

Jeannette Elliott

Physical Therapist

Jan Wenke

Athletic Trainer

Matthew Poland

Assistant Coach, Wheelchair Basketball

Allison Frees-Williams (she/her/hers)

Career Services Specialist

Director’s Office

Heather Stout (she/her/hers)

Director of Operations and Services

Maureen Gilbert

Assistant Director

Susann Sears (she/her/hers)

Assistant Director, Academic Services DRES

Wendy Mintz (she/her/hers)

Administrative Aide

Hollie McClintick (she/her/hers)

Assistant Director, Mental Health Services/Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Suzanna Challen

Clinical Counselor

Amanda Carey

Access Specialist

Tina Cowsert (she/her/hers)

Access Specialist & ASL Interpreter/Live Captioning Supervisor Phone: 217-244-6972

Jessica Dikeman (she/her)

Access Specialist

Genevieve Ely (she/her/hers)

Access Specialist

Emily Haycraft (she/her/hers)

Access Specialist

Heidi Johnson

Senior Interpreter for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Kristie Kirk (she/her/hers)

Access Specialist

Amy Kisner

Interpreter for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Sara Vander Ploeg (she/her/hers)

Access Specialist

Anna Pryde-Wait (she/her/hers)

Access Specialist

Brian Siemann (he/him)

Access Specialist

Britt Linné Semenow (she/her)

Program Coordinator, Testing Accommodations Center

Kiersten Snyder (she/her)

Office Support Specialist

Mylinda Netherton

Accessibility and Transportation Coordinator

David Morgan

Senior Disability Transportation Specialist

Stephen Lemke

Disability Transportation Specialist

Jodie Spaenhower

Disability Transportation Specialist

Ray Thomas

Disability Transportation Specialist