Taking Finals in the TAC

Please plan ahead. Make sure you know where the TAC is located (room 136 DRES- please enter the building from the front door and go around to the left side to get to the TAC and lockers).  If you are driving, you can park in the north lot at DRES, though you will need to come in and get a parking pass to place in your car window.  Please read the following to help you be prepared when you come to take your exam:

Items you will need to bring:

  1. I-Card. Please verify your identity with your I-Card or another form of photo ID. If you do not have a photo ID, this will significantly slow down your check-in process and may cut into your exam time.
  2. Anything you need for your exam—pencils, pens, laptop, calculator, ear plugs, etc.  Yes, the TAC will have limited items that can be borrowed (scratch paper, pencils, ear plugs, calculators), but there is no guarantee that they will be available, so it is best to bring your own.  

Before Check-in

Before you approach check-in, please verify you have what you need for the exam, including writing utensils, calculators, books, notes, or any other allowed materials. We do allow drinks with closed tops, but do not allow food of any kind in the testing booths. This is also the best time to use the restroom or have a small snack before your exam.


Please do NOT bring extra items or large items to the TAC.  There are limited lockers, and it is first come first served.  If there are no more lockers available or your items do not fit in a locker, you will need to leave your items on top of the lockers or on the coat rack. Please do NOT use more than one locker. 

After putting your items in a locker please remember your locker number. When we check you in, we will write down the number in case you forget after the exam. 

Check-in Process

Please proceed to the check-in station. If you need scratch paper, headphones, or ear plugs, you can pick them up as you check-in. 
At check-in, you will be given detailed information regarding your exam.  This is the time to ask questions regarding your exam reservation/accommodations.
Once you check in, you will be directed to a seating zone.  A staff member will take you from the zone to your seat. This process can take several minutes as there will be a large number of students taking exams.  Please arrive early (at least 15-30 minutes) so that this does not affect your exam time.

If you have gone through the check-in process but have not been seated yet and realize you have forgotten something or need to use the restroom, you will need to restart the check-in process.  Once you are seated in your booth, your exam time will start.  If you have forgotten something, please go the TAC main office (room 136). 


The TAC has clocks in all testing areas.  You are welcome to bring your own watch, clock, or timer.  They must be silent and cannot connect to the internet (sorry, no smartwatches). We try to get all clocks as close to the same time as possible.  However, they might be off by a few seconds or minutes.  You will be told how long you have to complete your exam when you are seated.  You will need to calculate your time based on the clock in your area.  We will track the time as well and will get you when your time is up. If you finish your exam before your time is up, please bring your exam back to the main room (room 136).