Video Tutorials

Below you will see some video tutorials about facts and resources at DRES.


This video is a general introduction to DRES and the services we provide.

Access Specialist

The video below explains who an Access Specialist is at DRES, and how they can help you.


This video gives some helpful information about accommodations.

Letter of Accommodations (LOA)

Your Letter of Accommodations (LOA) is how your instructors know that you are eligible for accommodations, and which accommodations you are eligible for. Watch this video to learn more about your Letter of Accommodations.

Support Services

Aside from accommodations, there are many support services available at DRES. Watch this video for more information about those services. 

Testing Accommodations Center (TAC)

The Testing Accommodations Center at DRES is available for students to use if they and their instructors agree that it is the most suitable place to take a test with accommodations. Watch to learn more!

Text Conversion from DRES Accessible Media

For students with print disabilities who require alternate formats for course textbooks and articles, our text conversion department will help you with this accommodation. Watch this video for more information!

Captioning from DRES Accessible Media

For students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, having videos captioned is an important way to be able to access information that is presented in your courses. This video tells you more about captioning.