Neuropsychological Assessment FAQ

What is the cost for a DRES assessment?

DRES assessments are provided at no cost. We provide this service to assist students who otherwise may not have the resources to get an appropriate diagnosis and receive DRES accommodations. 

Can I still get assessed at DRES if I already have another mental health diagnosis?

No, students are not eligible for DRES assessments if they already have another mental health diagnosis. We also do not provide second opinions. The sole purpose of our assessment service is to assist students in getting registered with DRES. If you already have a mental health condition, it is advised that you register with DRES and receive appropriate services and accommodations.

What if I am already registered with DRES?

Students who are already registered with DRES are not eligible for DRES assessments. Please speak with your access specialist if you have concerns about another possible condition. They may be able to provide a list of community resources.

What if I do not have a provider who can write me a referral?

If you do not have a provider who can fill out the referral form, you may request a DRES ADHD appointment with your McKinley physician or speak with your own health care provider or mental health provider to see if your symptoms warrant a referral. If you are an appropriate candidate, they will refer you to DRES for a more comprehensive assessment.

Can I be assessed if I am a student at another University of Illinois campus?

This service is only available for students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

I heard that DRES has long waitlists. How long is the wait?

DRES typically has a waitlist for assessments due to a high volume of assessment referrals and also because the assessment process takes a long time to complete. Each individual assessment case often takes several weeks for a clinician to complete before they can take on another case. Our waitlist depends on the number of clinicians available, the number of students who are referred for an assessment, and what kind of referrals we receive. Some students who are referred may be seen the following semester. If you have questions about where you are on the waitlist, you may email Dr. Hollie McClintick for an estimate.

What if I don’t agree with the DRES assessment results?

If you do not agree with the assessment results, you are welcome to receive a second opinion from another provider. You may register with DRES with appropriate documentation from your second opinion if they meet our documentation requirements.

What happens after the assessment?

After completion of the assessment, your clinician will need some time to review your results and interpret the data. You will be scheduled a final feedback session in which your clinician will explain the results to you. If you receive a diagnosis, you will be registered with DRES and provided information about DRES services. If you do not receive a diagnosis, your clinician will explain why and may provide other resources on campus and in the community that may be helpful for you.

Will my assessment results be shared with anyone within the university?

No. We maintain strict confidentiality with all mental health services provided. Unless we have your written permission or except when it is required or permitted by law (i.e., such as when there is reasonable concern that harm may come to yourself or others), we will not share or release your records with anyone outside of DRES.