Life Activities Management Program (LAMP)

Beckwith Residential Support Services (“Beckwith”) is a transitional program. This means that individuals enrolled in our program are committed to learning the life management skills necessary to live interdependently (meaning independently with the help of others when needed, such as help from your Personal Assistant with your Activities of Daily Living) while in college and beyond! However, it is understood that students within the program need some help: Identifying needs, determining their goals, finding resources, putting these resources to use, and learning how to transfer knowledge and skills to new environments and situations. The Life Activity Management Program is designed to help students within the Beckwith program do just that!

 The Life Activity Management Program is individualized to each resident within the Beckwith program. Each resident will work with The Disability Advisor (and other members of the Beckwith community and administrative team as needed) to develop goals to work towards each semester. These goals will be determined collaboratively and will focus on where each student is within their independent living journey. Goals will be determined at the beginning of each semester. Target dates for reevaluation are agreed upon. Students will not be evaluated on whether goals have been reached, but rather if they are actively working towards achieving them (including asking for help or reevaluating strategies when needed).

As goals and needs are evaluated on an individualized basis, students will meet with Beckwith administration at least biweekly (returning students) or weekly (new students) unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.) to work towards their LAMP goals.

 As the LAMP is a crucial part of the Beckwith program, and planning for students’ futures, active engagement in the LAMP process is required. “Active engagement “includes but is not limited to:

  • Scheduling and attending agreed upon meetings
  • Remaining attentive during meetings
  • Coming to meetings prepared/working independently outside of meetings
  • Showing respect for oneself, community members, and Beckwith admin while engaged in the LAMP process

*Please Note: Beckwith administration may be in communication with Vocational Rehab regarding a student’s engagement in the LAMP process. If a student does not remain actively engaged, funding for the program may be impacted for future semesters.

** Please Note: if students are not actively engaged in the LAMP process, there is no guarantee that they will receive a room within the Beckwith program space for the upcoming academic year.

 Example target areas that can be focused on during the LAMP. These are starting points, as each goal will be personalized to the needs and interest of each student enrolled in the Beckwith program.

  • Personal Assistant scheduling and management
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Effective communication with family, friends, Personal Assistants, and peers
  • Career exploration and readiness
  • Locating community resources while on campus and beyond
  • Increasing knowledge of disability laws
  • Navigating disability benefits
  • Locating feasible housing options outside of the Beckwith program space
  • Coordinating accessible travel
  • Getting involved in the campus and local community