About Beckwith Residential Support Services

Beckwith Residential Support Services is located in Nugent Hall on the first floor.

Admission Criteria

Criteria for admission and application procedures for Beckwith Residential Support Services can be found under Prospective Student Resources.

Nugent Hall first floor features

There are twenty-six single room suites (two single bedrooms with a shared bath). 

A description of room dimensions and amenities may be found at University Housing.

Room Features 

  • Student’s identification cards are able to open and close their room door without using a key or swiping their card. Each room also has ADA vertical operators that can open the bathroom and room door from the inside. 
  • A SureHands® ceiling lift system extends from over the resident’s bed to the bathroom, with a few options of body support systems to use with it. 
  • Adjustable furniture (desk, night stand, and a hospital bed in each room.) 
  • A sink with a motion detector faucet, cup faucet, and mirrored medicine cabinet, along with a sink in the shared bathroom. 
  • Wireless paging system for notifying staff that assistance is needed. 
  • Push-button room-darkening blinds. 
  • Individual thermostat controls. 
  • In-room wireless Internet and cable TV access. 

BRSS Program Spaces 

An adaptive computer lab with accessible software and hardware installed. One computer station is self-contained with voice-to-text software. 

An instructional kitchen with integrated AV equipment and adaptive cooking equipment is used as a meeting room for social programs and teaching basic cooking skills. 

Housing Support Services 

Laundry and housekeeping services are provided to BRSS residents. Laundry is done weekly. Non-routine laundry is completed as needed. Daily housekeeping includes making the bed, cleaning the floor and shared bathroom, and emptying garbage. 

Detailed information can be found in the Beckwith Residential Support Services Program Brochure (pdf).

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