Interested in Disability Allyship?

The Disability Ally Program (DAP) offers programming that provides opportunities to increase your awareness, understanding, and competency of disability. In our programming, we connect you with resources, knowledge, and co-create relationships of disability, with an understanding that disability deserves a seat at the diversity table. We envision cross-campus collaboration, education, and experiences that allow all members of our campus community to include disability as diversity in conversation, action, and philosophy. Help us achieve our vision by hosting a DAP program!

Our Stance on Empathic Modeling/Disability Simulations/Immersive Experiences

We often field questions from well-meaning students, faculty, staff and practitioners who are looking for a “disability experience” and ask to borrow a wheelchair or physical device or wear goggles or do some other type of disability simulation in order to experience what it is like “to have a disability.”  There are a number of situations where borrowing a wheelchair or physical device is an appropriate request, specifically for immersion experiences, as defined below, or as a child where it is developmentally appropriate.  However, our position at DRES is that the “disability experience” cannot and should not take place on this superficial level.  Learn more about modeling, simlulations, and experiences.

Disability Allyship Resources