Process for Obtaining Accessible Media Format Materials

  1. Students will submit their schedules to the Accessible Media Services (AMS) office immediately after they advance enroll.
  2. Students will email their professors or IUB (Scott Baseler, to request book lists and syllabus information as soon as they register.
    • Subject Line: DRES STUDENT (you will get priority attention only if this is in the Subject Line)
    • Give Scott your schedule, complete with Section Numbers
    • He will reply with either a book list, or that no book list has been submitted.
  3. Students will send their booklists to the AMS office  by the posted due date for each semester.
    • If a book list has not been submitted by your instructor to IUB, begin contacting the instructor regarding obtaining a book list. Let your instructors know that you utilize Accessible Media Services and need the book list for the course.
    • Due dates for submission of booklists will be announced in the DRES newsletter.
  4. AMS will respond as to whether materials are in our archives, can be obtained electronically from publishers, or if you will need to have your books shipped or brought in to the AMS office for scanning.
  5. Students will provide proof of purchase of books (i.e., receipt or actual items) before the 1st day of classes to gain access to materials on Box.
  6. Students will be assigned a Box folder where all their AMS materials will be uploaded. Students will receive an email at the beginning of the semester with a Box invite.

If you are having trouble getting a response from your instructor(s), contact your DRES Access Specialist or AMS at

E-reserves or web-based materials

In the case of e-reserves or web-based materials, if the instructor can make the materials available to the Accessible Media Services early, we can begin work on the materials at that time. If the materials are not available, then it is the responsibility of the student to download the materials from Box, or any other website and send to the AMS staff for conversion, along with the appropriate due dates.  We will do our best to accommodate the due dates depending on when the assignments are received and due.

Condition of Original Material

There are instances where an item is in very poor condition and cannot be scanned. We will inform the student of the situation and ask if they wish for us to do a library search for the item in order to get a better copy. The student will be given the option of having the materials converted after their due date or not to have it converted.

Students registered with Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Students who have their books paid for by DHS will need to sign a form giving DRES permission to share your UIN with the Illini Union Bookstore.  You may print it and bring it our office, email it back to or fax it to our office at 217-244-0014.
  • Any books that are purchased for a class that are dropped are your responsibility.
  • Note: Form needs actual signature, not a printed name.
  • Books cannot be put on account until your form is signed and returned to us.