Audio Description Services for Students

Students registered with DRES are encouraged to utilize priority registration.


Contact/email each professor.
  • Copy Accessible Media Services ( and your access specialist.
  • Explain what audio description accommodation means for you:
  • What type of AD do you want:
    • True AD added to videos when possible in pauses.
    • True AD added to video with video pausing to allow for descriptions.
    • AD added within transcripts.
  • Will AD need to be added to lecture recordings after posting.
  • PowerPoint presentations will need to be provided to AMS for accessibility check before class.
  • Ask professors if they plan to use videos or any type of visual art forms throughout the semester (including images).

View a sample email for students to send to their professors about needing AD.

After contacting your professors
  • If a professor is utilizing videos or visual art forms or supplements
    • Tell them that the AMS office will be in contact with them. Email AMS and your access specialist with the course name, course number, and professor name for each course.
  • If a professor is not utilizing any visual supplements or videos for course materials
    • Request that they contact you if course materials change so you can ensure videos contain audio description.
  • If a professor does not respond within one week, or no professor is listed for the course
    • Contact your access specialist and they will follow up with your professor/department.