Captioning Services for Students

Captioning services encourage students registered with DRES to utilize priority registration to register for classes as early as possible.

After you have registered for classes contact your professor for each class:

  • Copy Accessible Media ( and your access specialist
  • Explain your accommodation for video captioning
  • Ask your professor if they will be utilizing any videos throughout the semester

If your professor is using videos during the semester

Thank them and tell them the Office of Accessible Media will be in contact with them. Email AMS and your case manager and tell them the name, course number, and professor for each of the classes using videos.

If your professor is not using videos

Thank them and ask them to contact you if that changes so you can be sure the videos are captioned.

If your professor does not respond within one week or if there is not a professor listed for your class

Contact your DRES access specialist as soon as possible, who will follow up with your professor.