Facility and Environmental Concerns

The Office of Accessibility and Transportation provides students with services for various accessibility needs on campus. The Coordinator of Accessibility and Transportation is the first point of contact for students regarding facility and environmental access concerns. The Coordinator helps manage; accessible desks, environmental access issues on campus, snow and ice removal planning. The Coordinator also serves as the DRES liaison for facility management, building work order requests, transportation planning, meeting reporting requirements to the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District, and campus committee representation.

Accessible Desks

The Office of Accessibility and Transportation maintains approximately 40 adjustable desks for students with disabilities.  At the start of each academic semester, the coordinator processes requests from DRES students to locate adjustable desks in various campus buildings. An email request is sent to Facilities and Services to move the accessible furniture from the previous location to the desired location for use during the semester.

Campus Environmental Access

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the most accessible campuses in the nation. However, there are times when accessibility and/or barrier issues arise for the campus community. The Coordinator of Accessibility and Transportation is the main point of contact to coordinate the resolution of environmental access concerns. Issues may include:

  • Bicycles located in areas that block access
  • Accessible parking concerns and accommodations
  • ADA doors and elevators that are not functioning
  • Buildings dating pre-1990 that are lacking certain access features
  • Barriers found in paths of access
  • Review of new or remodeled facilities with updated access features, and
  • Any other general access concerns that may be encountered.

Snow and Ice Removal Planning

During the winter months the accumulation of snow and/or ice on streets and sidewalks can impede or preclude the travel of students across campus. When this occurs, refer to the guidelines indicated below to report areas requiring attention by campus snow removal crews.

On weekdays, contact the Coordinator of Accessibility and Transportation at (217) 333-4616 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. On weekends, weekday evenings (after 4:30 p.m.), and holidays, contact the University Police Department non-emergency telephone at (217) 333-1216.

When an unresolvable problems occur while traveling on campus, the University emergency telephones can be used to report snow/ice concerns and to request assistance.

Please note that some walkways and streets are not controlled by the University but fall under the jurisdiction of the cities of Champaign or Urbana. Therefore, due to our lack of control, we may experience greater difficulty in resolving accessibility problems attributable to snow and ice accumulation on those streets and walkways.

If you have any questions or concerns about particular walkways or streets, please contact the Coordinator of Accessibility and Transportation at (217) 333-4616.

Emergency Planning

DRES has an Emergency Evacuation and Pandemic Flu Plan as required by all campus units for emergency planning. The Coordinator of Accessibility and Transportation works with DRES Administration to update, evaluate, and implement these plans as needed. Facilities and Services personnel work with each campus unit to provide necessary information for emergency planning as needed.

DRES Liaison

The Coordinator of Accessibility and Transportation is the DRES liaison for accessibility related issues and represents the interests of persons with disabilities through several campus committees including the Chancellor’s Committee on Accommodations and Access, Diversity Initiatives Committee, the Public Safety Advisory Committee, and the DRES Disability Accommodations Committee.