How Do I Sign Up for an Assessment?

If you have longstanding concerns about the presence of ADHD, you are encouraged to speak to a provider about your symptoms and discuss whether an evaluation for ADHD is appropriate. A referring provider may be a medical doctor or a mental health clinician. If you do not have a provider in the community,  the Counseling Center and McKinley Health Center both have providers that can speak with you about the psychological evaluation process for these conditions. Please have your provider reach out to DRES by completing the referral form(Please do not use this form to register with DRES. Find information about DRES registration here.)

Your provider’s referral should summarize:

  • Your longstanding symptoms
  • Evidence that competing diagnoses that have been ruled out
  • Evidence that other potential factors (e.g. life events) have also been ruled out
  • A rationale for recommending an evaluation

The referral form can be emailed to Dr. Hollie McClintick, mailed to DRES, or faxed to 217-244-0014. Once DRES receives the referral from your provider, your referral form will be reviewed. If we determine that you are an appropriate candidate for the DRES assessment, you will be put on our waitlist.  

If you would like to be assessed for a specific learning disability or autism spectrum disorder, please email Dr. Hollie McClintick with specific details about your concern and history. Students will complete a 2-3-hour clinical interview with a clinician. Information about your history and current concerns will be reviewed and next steps will be discussed with you.