Athletics Background

The University of Illinois Adapted Varsity Athletics Program has a long tradition of leadership and excellence in wheelchair sports. This tradition encompasses all campus activities related to being a student-athlete. It also serves to motivate and set a standard of expectation that makes the University of Illinois the premier school for individuals interested in exploring their academic and athletic potential.

Academically, student-athletes receive one of the best educations available in the nation. When looking at future quality of life, the value of this education cannot be overemphasized as student-athletes are physically and mentally prepared for today’s competitive job market. See the main University website for academic information. Athletically, student-athletes receive training of Olympic and Paralympic caliber. The University of Illinois’ coaching and training staff have more international experience than any other program in the nation.

One goal of the University of Illinois Wheelchair Athletic Program is to take wheelchair sports to the next level. The University of Illinois has been a pioneer in the establishment of collegiate wheelchair sports conferences.

  • Student-athletes in this program have the opportunity to be a part of cutting edge wheelchair sport science as it applies to strength and conditioning, equipment development, and individual and team sport skill development.
  • Student-athletes in the wheelchair sports program are supremely confident that they are getting training and wellness instruction that is unsurpassed in quality, quantity, and innovation. From resistance and strength training that incorporates the latest research to skill instruction in the sports of basketball and track/road-racing, this program leads the rest of the field.

The University of Illinois Wheelchair Athletic Program also has excellence as its goal. This athletic program is for those individuals who are not satisfied with their current level of knowledge and who desire to be all that they can.

The rigors of this program place a great many demands on the individual. As a student-athlete in the program, you will make sacrifices that are not expected of the average student. Although you have campus-wide activities available, you will be expected to limit your involvement in exchange for experiences only a few people will ever encounter. You will not be considered average when you enter this program, and you will have above average expectations placed upon you.

In exchange for your hard work and commitment, you will get the opportunity to see where you can go with your potential and to strive to reach your dreams. In the process, your dreams will become your reality. For most people, dreams stay as dreams. For student-athletes in the University of Illinois Wheelchair Athletic Program, dreams are realized every day. Come join us!